Board Candidates

The Cody Education Association (CEA) reached out to all 6 candidates for the Park County School District 6 Board of Trustees. Each candidate was given the same five questions and asked to respond to them in 100 words or less. The questions were:

  • Why are you running for the Park County School District 6 Board of Education?

  • What are you top three priorities for Park 6?

  • How will you develop a strong staff across Park 6?

  • How would you determine the budget priorities?

  • If elected, how will you be an effective school board trustee?

The CEA is publishing verbatim the candidates' responses so that you, the voting public, can get to know each candidate and their stances better. The members of the CEA will deliberate over the next week. The association will endorse candidates that our years of professional experience and knowledge as teachers, administrators, para-professionals and school staff tell us align with making schools places of opportunity for each and every child of Park 6.

Meet The Candidates

Click a candidate's name to read their responses.