Billy Struemke

Question 1: Why are you running for the Park County School District 6 Board of Education?

I am running to help the children of Park County School District 6 have the best chance at a bright future beyond High School and to ensure that parents and community members have a voice in their children's education.

Question 2: What are you top three priorities for Park 6?

1. Greater community involvement in the school.

2. Raise test scores.

3. Balance the budget.

Question 3: How will you develop a strong staff across Park 6?

Education for the staff and morale. Education is achieved through formal channels such as continuing education, higher-level degrees, and informal training opportunities. Morale is promoting effective staff, reassigning or eliminating those who are a drain, and compensating appropriately.

Question 4: How would you determine the budget priorities?

The guiding light for the budget is if the expenditure benefits the education of the children. If that is not met then the money is not being allocated properly.

Question 5: If elected, how will you be an effective school board trustee?

I will work tirelessly to ensure that the voice of the community is heard. The school board is an elected representation of the community at large and an oversight for the district. I will take the opinion of all interested parties into account, while holding to the ideal that all actions should ultimately equate back to the betterment of the student body.