Karen Schipfmann-Nielson

Question 1: Why are you running for the Park County School District 6 Board of Education?

I believe that a strong public school system creates a better community and more broadly a healthier and more informed society. I have two kids in the Park 6 School District and I enthusiastically praise their Park 6 education at all levels. Together, (Teachers & Parents) we are empowering our students for future leadership positions within Wyoming and beyond. I want to continue to help this District with that success by supporting our new Superintendent and all Staff as we work together for our students.

Question 2: What are you top three priorities for Park 6?

My priorities for Park 6 School District are a continued expansion of 13th year planning, supporting Staff and Students, and extending District communication efforts. One of the most important things we do is launch our graduates into the world and successful 13th year planning leads to lifelong learners who are Career, College, and Military ready. Our Staff are vital and need our continued support. Our students are the reason we are here, and they need our guidance and encouragement as we hold them accountable during their educational journey. Our District communication has improved but we still have challenges to address.

Question 3: How will you develop a strong staff across Park 6?

Our Staff are the backbone of our District and need to be supported and heard through conversations, surveys and reciprocal professionalism. We have made great strides in our District using committee work which includes various staff, problem solving issues, and reviewing salary information to remain competitive in the educational marketplace. All of this needs to continue as we march forward at Park 6.

Question 4: How would you determine the budget priorities?

The Wyoming School Foundation Program is regularly discussed and debated at the Legislative Level and we need to be aware of the inconsistent funding in education for our own District budget. We are in the business of educating students and cannot lose sight of our priorities. I think we should always be prepared for shrinking funding and have a plan, that includes percentages, for potential shortfalls as we navigate our Park 6 budget.

Question 5: If elected, how will you be an effective school board trustee?

I can keep my head down and continue to do the work of reviewing and updating policies while supporting our new Superintendent and all Staff. I am a good listener but can also talk when necessary or when I am passionate about an issue. I play well with others and know that a good team doesn't always have to agree when working together to achieve a common goal. I am a product of public education and believe strongly that good schools create good communities.