Brandi Nelson

Question 1: Why are you running for the Park County School District 6 Board of Education?

I am a parent with two kids in the district. I have a heart for kids, our staff, and our entire school district. This is evident in my 10+ years volunteering with Park 6 as a parent and the past four years serving as a Park 6 school board trustee. When joining a school board, there’s a steep learning curve, and I hope to continue to use the knowledge I’ve gained over the past four years. I want to continue the work this board started and ensure we have a successful transition with our new superintendent.

Question 2: What are you top three priorities for Park 6?

Student achievement is always a top priority. This has become even more important as we continue to monitor learning loss due to the pandemic. We must engage in a comprehensive, community-wide, strategic planning process with the new superintendent over the next year. I also feel it’s essential that all Park 6 students have the opportunity to reach their full potential from kindergarten through graduation. This priority would include a plan to improve our academic and vocational opportunities for students as they leave Cody High School.

Question 3: How will you develop a strong staff across Park 6?

Developing a strong staff means attracting and retaining the best people. I believe a strong staff begins with solid leadership in the Board of Trustees and superintendent. This leadership group must be willing to listen and collaborate with our employees. I will continue to support our Board Committee process, which allows effective collaboration between the trustees, the superintendent, our departments, and our employee groups. In addition, I think it's essential to continue strengthening leadership development within Park 6.

Question 4: How would you determine the budget priorities?

As an accountant with a finance degree, I support our current practice of a Budget Committee composed of three trustees, the superintendent, and the business manager. This district committee meets annually in the Spring to prepare a draft budget for board review and approval. The district must seek input from our administrators and directors to prioritize district needs for the upcoming year. Much of our General Fund budget is salary and benefits; therefore, staffing is always a priority. In addition, the annual budget process must consider legislative decisions resulting in school funding changes.

Question 5: If elected, how will you be an effective school board trustee?

I have a passion for kids. My focus as a trustee has been, and always will be, on our students. I am open-minded, diplomatic, and a good listener. I have the gift of time and will use it to fulfill the trustee obligations to the best of my ability. Professional development and training are essential, and I will continue to improve my skills as a board member and a leader by seeking those opportunities. I will cultivate positive relationships within the district and be available to our community and stakeholders.